Brand: TOP AIR

  • Straight manual override with and without detent
  • Mounting position optional
  • Small size, high flow rate, easy installation
  • Exhaust air attenuated
  • Common exhaust
  • Connector interface to DIN 43650, from B and industrial form
  • Low power consumption

NAMUR series
Nominal Size 4
Solenoid pilot actuated
Spool with pressure energized soft seals
Port size G1/8, manifold system G1/4
Operating pressure: 1 to 10 bar

* Oil recommendation: Shell Hydrol DO 32, Shell Febis K32 (as of July 1992) or
compatible oils with DVI values < 8 (DIN53521) and ISO viscosity class 32-46 (DIN51519)
* at 6 bar to VDI3290 with DC solenoid
‧Option:Flat Manual override

Description (Standard type)

  • Solenoid valve for filtered, lubricator* or non-lubricated air
  • Flow direction: Fixed
  • Temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
  • Material – Body: Aluminium
  • Material – Seat Seal: NBR

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